Stardoll Must Haves

The hottest items in the Starplaza will be posted here. These items are ON FIRE, so get them soon, before they come unavailable.

Must Have #1: Evil Panda Limited Edition Superstar Guitars

These guitars are the Numero Uno must have on our July list. The two heart-shaped guitars are 25 Stardollars each, the pink guitar and the red guitar are 50 Stardollars each. All guitars are Superstar (urgh!) and available at Evil Panda, but not for long! They will only be up for sale for a few days, then they will disappear FOREVER! If you're superstar, make sure to invest in one of these collectibles.

Must Have #2: Wild Rock Star Outfit

With an outfit like this, your MeDoll looks just like a rock star.

Karmyn-Alexis is Wearing...

Hot Buys Bodysuit; Rio; 10 Stardollars; Superstar

Golden Baggy Shorts; Bisou; 7 Stardollars, Superstar

Leopard Print Pumps; Bisou; 5 Stardollars; Superstar

Leopard Print Scarf; Bisou; 4 Stardollars; Superstar

Black Eye Kohl; Dot; 6 Stardollars; Superstar
White Collection Shadow Stick; Dot; 8 Stardollars; Superstar
Volumizing Mascara; Dot; 3 Stardollars; Superstar
Flame Red Lipstick; Dot; 8 Stardollars; Superstar

TOTAL COST OF OUTFIT: 51 Stardollars

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